TALLINN CATHEDRAL SCHOOL                   Schola cathedralis Tallinnensis



Phone: (+372) 648 4881  
Email: tallinna.toomkool@eelk.ee
Post Address: Apteegi 3, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia.


Mrs Egle Viilma, Principal
Mr Heiki Haljasorg, Head of Studies

The Council

Archbishop H. E. Urmas Viilma,  Chairman (COE)
The Revd Marko Tiitus, 

Mr Indrek Treufeldt,
Mr Jüri Ehasalu,
Mr Erkki Truve, 
Mr Olev Liivik, 
Mrs Kersti Nigesen,

Mr Hannes Võrno. 

The Board

The Revd Arho Tuhkru,
The Revd Marko Tiitus, Assessor of Consistor, Vice Chairman
Mrs Egle Viilma, Principal
Mr Veljo Kaptein, Spokesman of Parents
Mrs Kaisa Marran,
Spokeswomen of Parents
Mr Peep Mühls,
Spokesman of Parents
Mr Heiki Haljasorg,  Spokesman of Teachers  
Mrs Mai-Liis Mäeväli
Spokeswomen of Teachers  
Mr Jüri Ehasalu, Spokesman of the Trust
Mr Riivo Sinijärv, Spokesman of the Trust

Teaching Staff

Mrs Mai-Liis Mäeväli,  Class Teacher for Form 1T
Mrs Tähti Siinmaa, 
Class Teacher for Form 1P

Mrs Tuuli Urb, 
Class Teacher for Form 2T
Mr Heiki Haljasorg, Class Teacher for Form 2P

Mrs Kaisa Marran,  Class Teacher for Form 3T
Mrs Aet Hintsov,  Class Teacher for Form 3P 

Mrs Anna-Kaisa Vita, Class Teacher for Form 4T
Mr Lauri Koogas, Class Teacher for Form 4P 

Mrs Lidia Uuselu,
 Class Teacher for Form 5T
Mrs Mari Loit, Class Teacher for Form 5P

Mrs Reet Klettenberg, Class Teacher for Form 6T, 
Mrs Marget Kulo, Class Teacher for Form 6P

Mrs Aljona Suhhomlinova,  Class Teacher for Form 7T 
Mr Ahti Saares,  Class Teacher for Form 7P 

Mrs Laila Illak
Mrs Merike Kaasiku

Mrs Kaie Kadaksoo
Mrs Tiina Kallas
Mrs Mari Kalling
Mrs Hanna Kaptein
Mrs Mari Loit
Mrs Riina Lõhmus
Mrs Kristin Oidsalu

Mrs Kaja Post
Mrs Piret Viikholm
Mrs Egle Viilma
Mrs Katrin Vöörmann


The Revd Arho Tuhkru

Administration Staff

Mrs Vilja Kutsar, Administration Assistant
Mrs Ingrid Soans, Accountant

Support Staff

Mrs Merike Kaasiku, After School Care

TRUST OF THE TALLINN CATHEDRAL SCHOOL                                                                  (Tallinna Toomkooli Sihtasutus)

Registered Company Number: 90010671
Phone: (+372) 644 4140.
Email: tallinna.toomkool@eelk.ee.
Post Address: Toom-Kooli 6, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia.

The Trust is established and controlled by the Tallinn Dome-Cathedral Congregation (EELK Tallinna Piiskoplik Toomkogudus). The Trust is the legal owner and representative of the Tallinn Cathedral School. Its mission is to create needful conditions for the Cathedral School and support it in its work, hence:
  • To ensure Cathedral School with necessary rooms, fitments and equipment;
  • To get back in Cathedral School use the historic main building of the Tallinn Cathedral School in Toompea (Toom-Kooli 11);
  • To support Cathedral Schools' study work and after school life through business activities;
  • To develop Cathedral School Library. 

 Lesson in the Cathedral School 


Tallinn Cathedral School welcomes donations to support our mission of providing the children a good Christian education. According Estonian tax regulations it is easiest to donate to the Cathedral School via Tallinn Dome-Cathedral Congregation (EELK Tallinna Piiskoplik Toomkogudus) non-profit Cathedral School Fund.

Account Owner: EELK Tallinna Piiskoplik Toomkogudus
Bank: SEB Pank 
IBAN: EE401010022002639007
Bank address: SEB Pank, Tornimäe 2, Tallinn 15010, Estonia
Correspondent Bank: SEB Pank
Please make remark: “Donation to the Cathedral School Fund"

Historical schoolhouse in Toopea Hill


The historic schoolhouse at Toom-kooli Street 11 in Toopea Hill was built in 1691 in place of a wooden structure which had been destroyed by fire in 1684. In 1768 another house was acquired for the school, the boarding house. In 1845 the building was thoroughly reconstructed and the school moved in. The house has been rebuilt during the 20th century as well. The present Classicist look of the building dates back to the 19th century reconstruction during which its original plan was changed to such an extent that the earlier division of space is not observable any more.